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What's Inside?

- 1x Limited Edition MASIL Waterproof & Leak-Proof Pouch 
- 1x 3 Salon CMC Shampoo 50ml 
- 1x 8 Seconds Salon Hair Mask 50ml 
- 1x Ampoule Tonic 30ml 
- 1x Scalp Spa Cleansing Lotion 15ml
- 1x Protein Perfume Silk Balm 20ml
- 1x Limited Edition MASIL Scrubby 

3 Salon Hair CMC Shampoo

The MASIL CMC helps to hold important components such as moisture, protein, and oil which keeps the hair strong and healthy. The shampoo contains powerful ingredients to supply extra protein and moisture to your hair and scalp. These ingredients provide your scalp with essential nutrients, enabling it to produce more melanin, and enhancing the condition of your hair. The MASIL CMC Shampoo is perfect for your worst hair. 

8 Seconds Salon Hair Mask

An everyday scalp-friendly conditioner that leaves the hair feeling soft & silky by detangling and defraying the hair! Creates a light, flowing appearance for your hair.

9 Protein Perfume Silk Balm

MASIL’s Protein Silk Balm adds shine and mild glitter to your hair, giving it life! A leave-on conditioner that requires no rinse off. Suitable for treating damaged ends of hair and preventing split ends from occurring in the future. A leave-on conditioner powered with 9 types of proteins and Wild Bluebell scent. 

12 Scalp Spa Cleansing Lotion

Powered by plant-based ingredients with no added fragrance. The gentle formula free from sulfate is hair-friendly and nourishing. It has a refreshing texture and natural formula ingredients that effectively removes impurities from the scalp, keeping the scalp clean and healthy. The MASIL 12 Scalp Spa Cleansing Lotion has a mild surfactant, which deeply cleans and removes hair grease and debris from the scalp, thus sealing in the natural glow of the hair.

11 Salon Scalp Care Ampoule Tonic

A lightweight, gel-like textured tonic specially formulated for the scalp. It contains 15 natural plant extract complexes to relieve inflammation on the scalp, enhance hair root activity and optimize the hair growth environment. An extremely effective hair tonic for reversing hair loss and restoring youth and vigor to the scalp!